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Trip Report WWW2002
1st conference day
May 8 2002, Honolulu, Hawaii

  1. opening ceremony
  2. Web services
  3. W3C Web service activities
  4. W3C the semantic Web
  5. link collection

1. opening ceremony:

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2. web services:

one possible definition of the term "Web service": a web service is an autonomous piece of software uniquely identified by an URI that can interact with peer web services via messages using WWW specific standards and protocols, such as HTTP, XML or SOAP.

example: on-line travel agent service
[ Web services: customer - travel agent - service providers - relationship ]
service providers (credit card companies, airlines, hotels, car rental agents etc.) subscribe their web services to the travel agent's web server. customers request one or more services from the travel agent - the travel agent responds with the best possible offer based on the services provided by the service providers.

XL: an XML programming language for web service specification and composition:

today Web services are implemented using J2EE, .NET, SAP etc. and require usually translators between the various layers (data, application, messaging). these translators have a negative impact on performance.

requirements for a new programming language for web services include:

  1. should support a unique data model (XML)
  2. should be expressive enough to describe the logic of most Web services
  3. should coexist with W3C standards
  4. should be an extension of Xquery
  5. should provide native support for web services

XML standards are not enough for a web service specification language, but provide excellent building blocks. Xquery needed to be extended to make up a programming language with statements, loops, statement combinators etc. operations have implicit input and output in XML.

reference: see proceedings on CDrom

simulation, verification and automated composition of web services:

DAML-S provides semantic markup of the content and the capabilities of Web services. based on atomic and composite processes which provide sequences, conditions and synchronization.

reference: www.daml.org

semantic Web support for the business-to-business e-commerce lifecycle:

the lifecycle of a B2B process basically consists of the following three steps:

  1. matchmaking
  2. negotiation/contract information
  3. automated fulfillment

standardized message content and message protocols are fundamental for Web services. DAML+OIL may serve as a starting point for the design and the implementation of the future Web ontology language.

reference: www.daml.org

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3. W3C Web service activities:

3 working groups supervised by the Web services coordination group:

  1. Web services architecture working group
  2. XML protocol working group
  3. Web services description working group

Web services architecture working group:

XML protocol working group (XMLP):

Web services description working group:

XML security:

there is a requirement to ensure the integrity (via signature) and confidentiality (via encryption) of parts of XML documents.
main goal: describe how to use XML to represent a digitally encrypted Web resource including XML and portions thereof.

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4. W3C the semantic Web:

the semantic web is the logical extension of the current web that will allow you to find, share and combine information more easily. the current web is ok for humans, but difficult for machine processing. the semantic web relates objects in a more descriptive way than just links.

RDF architecture:

the RDF working group is chartered to:

reference: www.w3.org/TR/rdf-primer/

Web ontology:

semantic Web advanced development:

reference: www.w3.org/2001/sw/

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5. link collection:

  1. IW3C2: www.iw3c2.org
  2. DAML+OIL: www.daml.org
  3. RDF: www.w3.org/RDF/
  4. RDF primer: www.w3.org/TR/rdf-primer/
  5. semantic Web: www.w3.org/2001/sw/
  6. semantic Web presentation: www.w3.org/2002/Talks/www2002-w3ct-swintro-em/

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