WWW95: Microsoft on the Web

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  2. "A view from Windows95" was presented by thomas reardon, technical lead of the Windows95 Networking Group.

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  4. as a WebMaster, i really enjoyed the statement "we think the Web is a basic part of using a computer in 1996" ! but Microsoft does not only say so, they also showed that they do everything that this will become true. unfortunately, they did not say how the network shall handle the increased load of an additional one million Internet surfers they intend to add to the Web ...

    nevertheless, Windows95 is build for the Internet. it includes a TCP/IP stack which supports sockets, PPP, ftp, telnet, bootp and so on. to make life easier, Windows95 supports what they call "plug & play networking".

    the Microsoft network (MSN) shall become THE place for Windows users. it will provide usenet and email services. version one will be based on X.25, the next version of MSN will add support for TCP/IP.

    the most impressive part was the demo of the so called MS Internet explorer. it is based on Spyglass' WWW browser with all sorts of applications highly integrated. for example, if one clicks on a "mailto" link, MSmail gets started. also various viewers are already integrated so that a WebSurfer can take full advantage of any multi-media hyper-document.

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