WWW95: a Web of standards

1. abstract

there are many organizations involved in standards setting activities that impact the Web community. the Web extends into many areas, requiring standards that affect a variety of technologies.

2. my comment

among the members of this panel were representatives of the International Standard Organization (ISO) and the World Wide Web Consortium, hosted by INRIA in europe and MIT in the U.S.

the goals of standards were defined as:

most speakers agreed on that the process of defining a standard should go through the following stages: /P>

  1. create an idea
  2. write functional code
  3. define the standard

while the above process is probably what happens in real life, i'm not sure if this is the perfect approach. during the first and third WWW conference, many ideas and functional implementations of extensions to the current HTTP and HTML standards have been presented. most of these extensions are very useful but as a professional system manager and WebMaster, i do not want to use any of these extended software packages as long as they are not part of the standard, mainly because if i go with one extension, i cannot use other extensions and i may end up in a dead end street. therefore, from a user perspective, i believe it would be highly desirable to include new features into the standard definitions as soon as possible.

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