during this talk, we learned a few more details about the new HTML V3.2 standard. HTML shall become a SGML application with its own document type definition (DTD).

some highlights of V3.2:


the <OBJECT>-tag will be used to insert objects into a Web page, such as sound, video, images, applets or ActiveX:

<OBJECT DATA="earth.avi" TYPE="application/avi" IMG SRC="earth.gif" ALT="the earth">text</OBJECT>

there will be many attributes, some of them might be object dependent.


the implementation of frames is still under consideration and is NOT yet part of the standard ! frames will most likely be implemented via style sheets. the definition of a frame in a style sheet may look like this:

@page ...
@frame ...
H1 ...
UL ...

text ...

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WWW5 HTML / 07-jun-96 (ra) / reto ambühler
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