WWW5: opening of "business on the Web"

"business of the Web" was announced as a forum for SMEs (Small Medium and Enterprise businesses). on the third day of the conference, the sessions in the technical program and the SMEs forum were basically the same. on the last day of the conference, there were two independent sets of sessions, a technical oriented "developers day" and the business oriented continuation of the "SMEs forum".

keynote presentations:

the Internet is THE business opportunity of today:

to me, it is obvious that virtually all big companies in the computer business have recognized the huge potential the Internet represents. on the first two or three WWW conferences, people mostly complained about how difficult it is to find the information one needs and there were presentations about tools and ideas to solve that problem. these days are over. now people talk about how one can do business on the Internet and what has to be done to have fast and secure connections. the focus has changed from technical issues to business related topics.

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WWW5 business on the Web / 07-jun-96 (ra) / reto ambühler
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