WWW6: Microsoft Internet Explorer V4.0

Microsoft gave a brief overview of the new features of version 4 of their Internet Explorer, known as MSIE40. the software is currently freely available in a so called "Developer Release" from the MSIE40 homepage. before you download MSIE40, make sure you have read the WARNING.

the key features of MSIE40 are:

my first impression of MSIE40:

i installed MSIE40 a few days ago. it comes in three different versions: minimum, enhanced and full.

it is possible - and recommended - to start small and to install additional options later. the "Active Setup" provides two options: immediate installation or download everything and install it afterwards off-line. i chose the "enhanced" version and to download everything.

the installation run very smooth. many things look different now, including the desktop, the Windows explorer, the control panel and so on. they now have all the same toolbar. the taskbar has changed as well: there are new icons, it has received sliders and on the very right, there is a new button. actually, the later is a super button. if i click on that button, all may Windows disappear instantly and all i see is a clean desktop. if i hit the button again, all Windows appear immediately. at the first glance, this is similar to "Minimize all Windows", but this is much faster and more convenient. MSIE40 seems also to be faster and - of course - it supports all the features mentioned above. so far, i haven't discovered any WebPage that i could not access with MSIE40 and it never crashed. another improvement i noticed is the fact, that it now returns to exactly the same position on the previous page when using a link back to the originating document. this is not the case with MSIE30.

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