WWW6: HyperText Transfer protocol (HTTP) V1.1

jim gettys from Digital Equipment Corporation and member of the W3C's architecture domain presented the status of V1.1 of the HyperText Transfer Protocol. HTTP V1.1, together with Cascading Style Sheets (CSS V1.0) and Portable Network Graphics (PNG) can speed up data transfer up to the factor eight !
performance measurements where done using the Microscape homepage, a combination of Microsoft's and Netscape's homepage. for details, see this note.

first jim explained some of the problems with HTTP V1.0

HTTP V1.1 is now a proposed standard. its main goal is to reduce the load on the Internet caused by HTTP. it shall become a "well behaved" protocol. due to the heavy load the Web introduced on the Internet, it was important to come up with a solution as fast as possible. HTTP V1.1 it is as backward compatible with V1.0 as possible.

some of the issues deferred to the future include further improvements in the caching model, compression, multiplexing, transparent content negotiation and protocol extension negotiation (PEP). in the far future, HTTP needs to be replaced with a more efficient protocol. the transition to a new protocol is another open topic.

HTTP V1.1 should help to increase the performance on the Web, to reduce the load on Web servers as well as on the Internet and to improve the reliability of caching applications.
new features include:

the slides of jim's presentation are available on the Web.

the W3C provides further information about protocols, a performance report about HTTP V1.1 and Jigsaw, an HTTP daemon written in Java which supports HTTP V1.1

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