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WWW7: W3C session stream day 1

general introduction:

jean-françois abramatic gave a short introduction to the activities and the organizational structures of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). the motivation of the W3C is to keep track of the development of the web and ensure open standards. it is hosted by MIT in the USA, INRIA in europe and Keio in japan.

the W3C will open local offices in different countries to get closer to its members.

benefits of membership:

news from the architecture domain:



the future of HTTP:

HTTP V1.1 design goals:

  1. provide a semantically well-defined caching model
  2. support vanity names
  3. limited numbers of TCP/IP connections

HTTP-NG is a generic application level protocol.

working groups:

the Web Characterization Group (WCG) tries to answer questions raised by the protocol group to improve the HTTP protocol based on todays experiences.

results from the WCG:

work started july 1997, testbed should be available by end of june 1998.

Jigsaw: the webserver of the W3C:

SMIL: Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language:

work started in february 1997 and is now in the state of a provisional recommendation.

basics of SMIL:

at present, there are at least 5 SMIL implementations available or at least announced.

referenced media objects can be embedded or external, referenced via an URI. objects can be showed or played in parallel or in sequence. they can be played only once or repeatedly, truncated or otherwise manipulated.

SMIL supports alternate behavior, such as various resolutions, with or without audio etc and hypermedia behavior.

provides multimedia support for people with disabilities or in environments where people can't watch or hear for some reason, e.g. while driving a car or in a noisy environment.

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