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WWW7: W3C session stream day 2

information from the user interface domain

future of HTML:

new features of HTML V4.0:

MathML (Mathematical Markup Language):

MathML is a XML based W3C recommendation since april 1998 to describe mathematical expressions. tools are required to simplify the manipulation of mathematical expressions, such as Amaya or EzMath. While Amaya provides a graphical interface to edit mathematical expressions, EzMath follows a descriptive approach.

Internationalization (I18N):

why do we need internationalization ? the name "World Wide" implies that this technique should be available everywhere and should cover and cope with any language, scripts, typographic conventions etc. work is done in the internationalization working group.

mechanisms that support internationalization:

future work may cover topics such as:

CSS: Cascading Style Sheets V2.0:

is now a proposed recommendation.

CSS V1.0 plus enhancements:

future projects:

downloadable fonts:

this provides a means to have fonts online ready to be downloaded on request when a document is viewed, rather than fonts that have to be installed before a document can be viewed. fonts are cached, but can be restricted to a particular website to protect copyrights. substitute fonts can be specified to reduce the number of fonts to be downloaded.

XSL: eXtensible Style sheet Language:

XSL is based on DSSSL and provides style sheet support for XML, see XML tutorial.

web graphics:

two recent submissions to the W3C for scalable vector graphics.

DOM: Document Object Model

motivation for DOM:

3 parts:

  1. data (HTML or XML)
  2. programs to manipulate data
  3. plus a way to tie data and program together: DOM

status of the specifications: working draft.


Amaya is a full featured browser and authoring tool to provide a testbed for the latest implementations in web technologies, supporting HTML V3.2 and part of V4.0, CSS V1.0, PNG, HTTP V1.1, XML V1.0, MathML, Graphics and DOM. it is a WYSIWYG editor supporting several views, such as how it would be displayed by a graphical browser, a text only browser or a structural view.

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production note: these session notes were taken live on a SHARP HC-4500A running Windows CE with Pocket Word. they were then transfered to a notebook running Windows 95 and were slightly reformatted using HoTMetaL V4.0. this document is supposed to be HTML V4.0 compliant.

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