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WWW7: a comprehensive introduction to XML

by james tauber presented at QUT (Queensland University of Technology)

status of the various specifications related to XML:

limitations of HTML:

benefits of separation of structure and presentation:

how XML came about as a solution:

"some people" realized that a limited set of tags can't be the solution. what we need must be:

XML design goals:

the next version of PERL will have XML support built in.

the anatomy of an XML document:

entity structure:

types of markup

XML declaration:

document prolog: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

document type declarations:

<!DOCTYPE NAME SYSTEM "name.dtd"> ("external subset")
can also be included into the document ("internal subset"), which has preceedence over the external declarations.

XML documents have to be well-formed (syntactically correct e.g. not intermixed tags) and to be valid (has to have a document type definition and must comply to that).

document type definitions:

character entities:

XML processors:

XML namespaces:

how can two definitions with the same name be unique ? define a namespace based on a unique URI: <?xml:namespace URI PREFIX ?>. use qualified names to refer to such definitions (PREFIX:NAME)

XLL: the eXtensible Linking Language:

XLink: based on HTML, HyTime and TEI

in HTML:

types of links <A xml:link attributes>xxx</A>

links attributes:

the target document can either replace the current document, it can be included in the current document or it can appear in a different window (SHOW attribute). a link can be followed automatically or on user action (ACTUATE attribute).

XSL: eXtensible Style sheet Language:

XSL is written in XML and is a subset of DSSSL. a stylesheet associates formating objects with elements in an XML document to produce formatted output.

the XSL scripting language is based on ECMAScript (which is the standardized version of JavaScript). a number of built in functions allow to do computations to achieve things such as automatic numbered list generation etc.

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