WWW94: first impressions

my very first impression was: wow, this thing is very well organized. it was absolutely no problem to find my way from the bus stop at the main entrance to the amphitheater. there were signs everywhere.

but when i entered the building where the conference took place, i thought: "my god, this crowd is chaotic !". but actually, it was not bad at all.

as a former DEC employee, i was pleased to see that they had setup four systems for public access next to the registration desk, all DEC systems. there was one VAXstation running OpenVMS, one DECstation running ULTRIX and two Alphas, one running OSF/1, one running Windows NT. from the second day on, they had setup more systems (suns, Macs, PCs a.s.o), but the Alphas were gone :-(

first_impressions / 13-jun-94 (ra) / reto ambühler
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