WWW94: future of the web

presented by tim berners-lee, CERN
the web is currently growing at a rate of 400% a year. in march 94 for the first time the network traffic generated by the web was bigger then the one generated by gopher.

since the web becomes more and more important, there is a need for an organization that takes care of the web. tim announced that there will be a WWW organization, which will be open, international and vendor independent. the organization will probably be announced in july 94. in europe, it will have its center at CERN, in the U.S., it will have its center at MIT.

the WWW94 fall conference will be held at NCSA in chicago from october 17th to october 19th 1994.

there are also plans for another conference in may 1995 at the frauenhofer institute in frankfurt, germany.

future_of_the_web / 13-jun-94 (ra) / reto ambühler
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