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trip report from the eighth World Wide Web conference in toronto, canada

developers day (fri 14-may-1999)

accessibility: software and design

why an accessible design:

solutions / products:

IBM special needs system guideline

web accessibility considerations:

accessibility in HoTMetaL Pro:

assist physically disabled people in creation of web content and assist authors in creating accessible web pages:

an accessibility guarantee plan:

accessibility is right - not priviledge !

accessibility without compromise:

CAST Center for Applied Special Technology - a non-profit organization: "expanding opportunities far all learners"

incorporating universal accessibility:

  1. test with different browsers including character based and voice browsers
  2. include accessibility in the contract with your web developer
  3. senior management does not understand universal accessibility and the level of effort to redesign the web site

keyboard only access:

the author basically showed a number of problems in the Windows operating system when one tries to use it without a mouse. i think most of these problems are also present in one way or another in other operating systems, such as Motif based systems.

authoring tool support:

there are accessibitlity issues for authors and for readers - authoring tools have to be accessible for authors and they should produce accessible documents. this talk concentrates on the second issue.

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