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trip report from the eighth World Wide Web conference in toronto, canada

tutorial 11: web security and beyond

author: clifford neuman, university of southern california (USC), information sciences institute (ISI)

number of attendees: approx. 45


security is one of the major concerns in an electronic commerce environment. but while in a "normal" computer environment security basically means "keep everybody out of the systems", the situation in e-commerce is more difficult. we want to grant our customers some degree of access to some information, but at the same time, we have to protect other data from being accessible by everyone.

unique security requirements in an electronic commerce environment:

types of attacks:




again a short but comprehensive overview of this subject by clifford neuman, who also gave the tutorial about electronic payment systems. security issues on e-commerce servers can't be stressed enough. if someone manages to compromise an e-commerce server, this may cause enormous damage to that company or organization.

the tutorial is available on the web.

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