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trip report from the eighth World Wide Web conference in toronto, canada

post-conference activities

from toronto to new york by car:

on friday may 14, 1999, jakob and i left toronto after we had given roberto mazzoni a lift to the international airport.

around 8 PM, we passed the border between canada and the USA at niagara falls. while the sun was sinking behind us, we headed east towards syracuse. a few minutes before midnight, we find a hotel in homer - is sounds as we were on the road in greek.

on saturday, we continued southwards. i really love new york state and its beautiful country and forests. the trees started to turn green, the land is wide and open. we entered the state of pennsylvania around noon. in the early afternoon, we headed into newark in new jersey. it took us about an hour to enter the holland tunnel but we finally made it into manhattan. i don't know how many times i have seen the skyscrapers of new york city before, but is impresses me each time i see them. we made a short detour via the battery park to enjoy the scenery and crossed the east river on the brooklyn bridge. i dropped off jakob at his friend in brooklyn and continued to JFK. unfortunately, i ended up on the wrong lanes of the highway and suddenly i found myself near the la guardia airport instead of JFK. the GPS again helped me to get on the right route and around 6 PM i arrived at the avis car return. the courtesy bus brought me to the airport and i checked in to SR103.

at 9:35 PM, the MD-11 took off on time and i was on my way back home. the flight was quiet, the movie patch adams touching. we arrived in zürich airport on 10:09 the next morning - and finally i could wrap my arms around my wife and my kids again ...

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