what must a good authoring tool provide ? (1-3)

  1. it must produce correct HTML
  2. it must support style sheets
  3. it must provide means to ensure a consistent corporate design
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while we will discuss what might be a good website after the coffe break, i'd like to list a number of features that i think a good authoring tool should provide right now. some of these features may directly influence the quality of a website, while others may primarily be of interest for the author.

  1. it might seem obvious that such a tool should produce correct HTML code, but some of the very popular tools actually produce very bad HTML code, e.g. Microsoft FrontPage.
  2. support for style sheets will be crucial in the future. today, the popular browsers may not yet fully support style sheets, but this will change soon (hopefully !)
  3. a consistant design becomes more and more important. a good authoring tool should help to maintain a consistant design with features such as include files at publishing time etc.